Paperwork can be tedious, especially if you have to do it twice. But how important is the full rehire packet and are there any shortcuts we can take to save some time?

Sometimes we lose a great employee. They could leave for a new job, personal reasons, health problems, etc… But if we have done our job correctly, there will be times that those employees will come back. In these instances, we generally recommend the company fill out the full hiring package again, as if the employee is brand new. There may be documents that became invalid when the original employment was terminated. It is also best to re-issue any employment offers so that the rehire is properly documented.

The idea behind paperwork reissue, is to keep both parties safe; Especially if you are in a state that has extensive new hire paperwork requirements.

That being said, if the employee is rehired within a very short time frame, you could review the employee’s file and see what forms haven’t changed. In either case, the employee will surely need new benefits enrollment paperwork if they are eligible.

Even though your employee worked for you in the past, you should always have them sign and date paperwork verifying they understand and agree to the information in their onboarding packet. Using an employee portal is a great way to provide convenient, online access to the above files for your workers.

One exception: If you rehire the employee within 3 years from the date their Form I-9 was previously completed, you may rely on the old Form I-9 or complete a new one, (but you must maintain the original I-9 for the full retention period per I-9 requirements).

Short Answer:

  • Always err on the side of caution if you aren’t sure.
  • Review employee’s previous file to avoid unnecessary updates.
  • Benefits Enrollment paperwork is always needed.
  • Form I-9’s are good for 3 years.