About Vantage Point

Vantage Point HR was founded for business owners who deserve HR engagement that treats them with respect. Running a business is hard work, and your HR should support you, not become an overwhelming obligation. This means creating an HR system that works for you, and is manageable. Unlike what you will find with many HR firms, that focus primarily on the adherence to rules, or blindly following procedures, we go the extra mile for you.

  • We listen to business owners to understand what’s important to them – their values and standards. These standards become important when choosing how you will respond to the law.
  • We listen to employees to make sure they’re heard, understood and their concerns respectfully addressed – serving as an ombudsman while balancing the needs of the business.
  • We listen to candidates to understand their backgrounds, experiences, and values – going beyond the surface, to grasp how they can complement and fit with the employer.

Whether you work in an office, turn a wrench, engineer technology, wear a tie or come home covered in dirt and sweat, we’ll meet you where you’re at, listen and work with you to get results. Make us your HR consulting partners and discover our human resources management solutions today!

Because we listen, we get the job done for you, and better than anyone else.

Our Founder and Principal Consultant, Tom Engel, has over 20 years of customer-facing, professional experience, in the areas of IT, human resources and marketing – with companies as diverse as Sage, Intel and Providence Health & Services.

Tom works with a wide range of industries to include automotive, professional services, marketing, IT, healthcare, transportation and non-profits.

He has a Bachelor Degree from Linfield College and an M.B.A. from the University of Portland.  He is the proud son of his father, a diesel mechanic and mother, an elementary school secretary in SW Washington, both from whom he learned the value of hard work.

A headshot of Tom Engel in an outdoor setting.

By the numbers

Direct cost avoidance
Maximum # of employees supported at one time
Clients Served
Client Direct Consulting Hours
Liabilities and disastrous HR issues avoided
Headaches prevented for our clients because they followed VPHR instructions

Multiple High-Risk Lawsuits Involving:

  • Racial discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Violations of FMLA, OFLA & ADA claims
  • Employee bullying claims
  • Wage and hour violation claims
  • Management misconduct claims

Potential Loss of Critical Talent Due to:

  • Conflicts between executives
  • Management misconduct
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodation claims