A human resources management company with expertise in HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting – specializing in HR Audit services for growing companies and business due diligence.

We strengthen growing and dynamic organizations by providing solutions to complex employment issues and reducing or eliminating unnecessary legal fees. Come see what makes us such trusted HR consulting partners.

What is the Real Value in Good HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting?

A smart and responsible employer will protect its company and employees by understanding labor laws and making sound and compliant decisions.

HR is about helping your business run as smoothly as possible so you can get the job done, avoiding pitfalls and effectively managing risk. It’s flawless paychecks, solid benefits that execute when you need them, maintaining standards so that people feel fairly treated, and attracting and retaining the best employees possible through impeccable tools, processes and service.

You need the right guide to help define your needs, weave together the best HR solutions, and protect you when you encounter problems. When considering HR consulting or outsourcing firms for your business or non-profit, Vantage Point HR is best in class.

Together, we will help you reach your goals.
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