Smart HR Strategies are critical to protecting your small to mid-sized business. Vantage Point HR will prepare you for the road ahead so you can remain agile.

Getting clear on what’s important to you, understanding the law, and properly applying it within an HR framework is key to your success. Don’t let a lack of knowledge and new state mandates create barriers to your growth. Get HR services that protect you and your business. This is your Vantage Point.

Great HR Management sets the tone for how you and your company are perceived. Taking care for employees means you don’t have to worry when unforeseen circumstances arise. Compliance, authenticity and transparency prevail.

Human Resources for Thoughtful Leaders & Managers

Striking the right balance between running a good business and being a good boss is a big job. Add to this the enormous gray areas of employment law and how they frequently change, and it’s no wonder why so many owners are frustrated, exhausted and confused.

Vantage Point HR takes the guesswork out of HR practices and compliance. Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes with services tailored to your exact needs. Check out our most popular services.


Let’s talk about what’s troubling you and establish a baseline understanding. Unpack the uncertainty and get the answers you need. We will help you gain control of the imperative practices for your unique business. Your first meeting is complimentary.

HR Audit

Whether you’re growing your business or selling it, tuning up your HR practices will prepare you for the road ahead. Reduce the weaknesses that can wreak havoc on your future success and bottom line. We will work within your available time and resources.

VP Core

Establish a personalized HR program that fits within your time challenges and organizational needs with Vantage Point Core, our foundational HR program. Now you can achieve your human resource goals! Your business deserves to be protected