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Employees are the greatest asset to any organization, yet a number of things go wrong, both on the job, and outside of work. While you may have an open-door policy for your employees to express concerns, it is simply not adequate because there is no anonymity and the perceived threat of employee retaliation can be too great. In addition, embezzlement and theft, sexual misconduct, workplace bullying and harassment, physical abuse, and drug abuse are prevalent in and out of the office and happen every day to thousands of businesses, employers, and employees. The annual revenue loss from these and similar issues is astounding. How can you protect your company and your employees? An HR Helpline Program is a great place to begin. Sign up now!

What should you expect from a helpline or hotline program?

Vantage Point has created the most innovative and cost-effective helpline solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Our program integrates both professional counsel for legal protection, and an objective, caring representative to interact with employees and their concerns. Together, we can act swiftly to any reported problem before it escalates.

We will craft a bespoke solution that is both legally compliant and aligned with your company values.


Offer a safe and effective way for employees to report problems anonymously

Better Understanding

Gain a better understanding of underlying issues within your organization

Get Notified

Receive notifications right away when a problem has been reported

Deeper Insights

Get deeper insights into employee complaints through objective interview results


Engage employees through training on how and why they should report problems

Professional Counsel

Understand your legal obligation to every new situation with professional counsel

How does the Vantage Point Helpline Program work?

How it works

  • Set up is fast and easy
  • You will receive materials so you can promote this new benefit to your employees
  • Your employees receive training on how to use the hotline, and why
  • You will be notified when an incident occurs
  • We will work diligently to find all of the facts and imperative details before we schedule a review
  • You will receive professional advice on various methods to approach and address any complaint or urgent issue

What is your investment in the VPHR Helpline Program

  • Prices are based on the number of employees you have
  • Monthly subscriptions are as low as $30 per month
  • A minimum of $300 per incident to speak with each employee and report findings with recommendations, and an employer consult.
  • Additional services are available for setting up a proactive response plan

Disaster averted!

Companies that use helplines experience less turn-over, see increased employee loyalty and say “Disaster averted!”

The reward of external reporting and professional management when sensitive issues arise is protecting your people from further harm, stopping bad actors and preserving the health of your organization.

Finding a resolution that works for all parties makes employees feel respected, valued and heard. This creates better employee retention, improves contentment ratings and fosters a more stable workplace environment.

The Simple Truth

Many managers and owners don’t have the time or bandwidth to continuously check the temperature of employee well-being. Or, they simply may not be equipped to confront such sensitive issues. If this reflects your sentiments, you will love this program.

  • Keep the pulse on what’s happening, but without downtime in your schedule
  • You can maintain your professional relationship with your employee and avert emotional conversations
  • You will receive up-to-date advice based on your legal obligations as an employer, and recommendations based on employee needs, your HR needs, and company culture.
  • Your employee gets to speak with a caring individual who listens to their concerns and gives them an opportunity to address how the situation can be resolved. You get to hear this 2nd hand, removing the stress associated with highly-charged and emotional conversation.

Good employees are worth protecting

✔ Hiring an HR Expert means overwhelming employee circumstances are handled professionally and expeditiously.
✔ Addressing issues before they spiral out of control is healthy for your company and your employee.
✔ Focusing on the day-to-day operations while an intermediary acts on your behalf will save you time and preserve your efforts for critical thinking.
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