Modern HR Services for Smart Businesses

Vantage Point HR will address your most pressing matters first, and provide you with critical insights needed to address any vulnerability that could harm your business. Frequently changing laws and the very nature of human relations create immense variables for which you must be prepared. Vantage Point Services protect your time and your company’s health through tailored services that address your exact needs.

Reduce the worry of uncertainty and gain a new vantage point so you operate your business with confidence.

Did you know nearly 85% of human resource issues that occur within an organization fall into a gray area of the law? No wonder business owners are frequently confused and anxious about which laws take precedence when multiple issues arise. Making the wrong decision could end up costing your company thousands of dollars and create unhappy employees too. Vantage Point HR will cut through the guesswork and help you understand the facts that are relevant to your unique operations. – Tom Engel

How we work

Vantage Point HR offers project support and monthly retainer programs depending on your needs and budget. From general HR practices to employee relations, we can quickly fill in the gaps and reduce any HR burdens or liabilities. If you are dealing with complex employee relation issues, hiring an HR liaison will remove you directly from the situation and operates as an objective counsel between you and your employees. Vantage Point HR clients love this service!

Top areas for consideration, in which most companies experience gaps include:

Business continuity, compensation, diversity and inclusion, drug testing, equal pay, hiring and pre-hiring, information systems, policies creation and management, risk management, strategic business planning, termination and onboarding, the performance review process, and training and education. Within each of these HR practices are many sub-categories of services and needs. We can address these as well.