Employee Handbook

Whether you are new to the idea of an employee handbook, or you created one and don’t know how relevant it is today, an employee handbook is a valuable communication resource for both you, the employer, and your employees. It includes essential information related to the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures, and benefits. Keeping this up-to-date can prove beneficial because it:

  1. Contains all guidelines, codes of conduct, and policies and procedures in one location
  2. Alleviates uncertainty and instills confidence within employees
  3. Aligns employee perceptions with company values
  4. Sets expectations between you and your employees and reduces the “gray areas” of understanding
  5. Becomes a tool both employees and employers can refer back to it time and again
  6. Provides protection to your organization and employees when problems arise
  7. Identifies your legal obligations and employees’ rights
  8. Addresses how to handle complaints and job dissatisfaction, reducing misinterpretation

When laws change, your employee manual or handbook should be updated too

Vantage Point HR will help you identify only the imperatives so you don’t have to wonder if your handbook contains too little, or too much information. Knowing what’s important to you, the laws that are applicable to your State, and key data relevant to your industry takes professional expertise. Vantage Point is here for you.

Our Process

The first place to begin is to review the existing HR handbook, or key policies to make sure they’re still relevant, legal, and the best fit for your organization. Our initial meetings are roughly 1-2 hours. Depending on your situation, we can make recommendations for required edits to an existing employee manual, or work with you to create a new handbook, if this is needed.

One size doesn’t fit all, and when we’re done working together, you’ll have confidence knowing that a key portion of your HR foundation is in place – and protecting your company with better HR decisions.

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