Vantage Point sources what I need when I need it…Vantage Point as a company is very service and results oriented… They take the time to learn the business and appreciate ongoing input so I get the right candidates sent to me the first time.

Greg, Manager, Pro Tow

Vantage Point listens to what we need in an employee so they fit the company culture. We feel they are an extension to our team and hold everyone’s best interest at heart. They understand how important it is to get the right employee the first time.

They make sure that we have a clear picture of the individual or position we need to fill and also to think outside the box when it comes to the skill sets needed for the job. Is this a position that needs the certification ahead of time or can we train the person to be the type of employee we need to fill the job. Sometimes it is a better fit if we can train so we don’t have to retrain bad habits.

Tom, in particular, has provided a wealth of information and has helped us think through all areas of hiring and HR scenarios. He has become a trusted friend and an invaluable resource.

Phyllis Thiemann, Heckmann & Thiemann Motors

Tom took the time to listen and to really understand my personality, character, needs and desires. He not only uses his professional knowledge of the HR field, but he possesses emotional intelligence and compassionate instincts. He is easy to talk to, organized and efficient. He follows up without fail. Vantage point is the perfect combination of a personable and professional HR consultancy.

Brad Aiello, Lt. Col, USMC Ret.
The ability to bounce various challenges off Tom and his willingness to ask questions and give opinions and guidance where appropriate was what I liked the most about working with him. The humbleness with which Tom conducts himself while still giving constructive input is a large and welcomed change of pace. Greater detail in many policies, staffing, and company focus improvements have all been a result of working with VPBS. My biggest take-away from working with Tom is that finding business partners that are willing, and able, to work without hidden agenda or fear of failure is vital in the growth and success of our business. Having the ease of access, 24/7, to the online HR tools hosting different business related topics is extremely helpful and makes for more efficient use of time when handling various HR issues. Even if you have a good grasp of the law, the need for continued up to date information and alerts as to change in the law that may affect our business, is of huge importance.
Adam Reinke, Owner, Peaks & Valleys, LLC.

We can’t thank you enough for delivering top recruits to Marketing EQ in less than one week. We are hiring one and making a new position for another. They were that good – and your strategy was spot on!

Julie Gorham, Marketing EQ
Before working with Tom I wasn’t sure what an HR expert could deliver that a hiring website couldn’t. Now it’s crystal clear to me and I will never waste time without Tom’s expertise again.
Kimbery Genly, Marketing EQ
We met Tom through the Chamber of Commerce. Tom is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy going. With his help we were able to review our HR needs and strategies.  Tom also provided ideas and concepts to look into for future implementation and how to adjust our current policies and procedures. Tom has continued to check in with us and set up a plan of action for upcoming changes in Federal and State requirements. It has been a complete pleasure to work with him and his company. It has been easy to feel comfortable in a challenging area of business and confident with his help we can overcome any situation regarding HR.
Victor Seeber, Principal, AccounTax of Oregon