We at Vantage Point HR pledge to hold ourselves to the following standards:

  1. We will honestly represent to potential clients our areas of strength and expertise. If we feel we cannot perform a requested job well, we’ll refer to a trusted provider who can.
  2. We will identify courses of action that involve non-Vantage Point entities – if we feel it best represents the needs of the client.
    • If an existing referral fee or commission arrangement exists with that party, we will disclose it beforehand.
    • We will also recommend alternatives that involve providers where we do not have a referral fee or commission arrangement
  3. We will bill clients accurately, fairly and with full detail to document all charges.
  4. In our recruiting efforts specifically, we recognize that we are representing our clients and will conduct ourselves accordingly:
    • We will work with all clients to define the job description, go to market text and screening requirements for each candidate.
    • We will follow a rigorous, consistent process to market each opportunity we are asked to recruit for.
    • We will not lie or misrepresent who we are, to gain access to a potential candidate in an existing business.
    • We will honestly and accurately represent the client’s perspective to every candidate we interview.
    • We will treat every candidate with respect, follow up with everyone we interview, and help them find employment elsewhere if they are not selected, are qualified, and if another position is available.
    • We will not actively recruit candidates from any of our existing clients.
    • We will adhere to the letter and spirit of all laws that prohibit discrimination and encourage equal opportunity.