Modern HR is comprehensive, and custom projects sometimes require connecting to additional technologies that go beyond our core offerings. As your HR partner, we have expertise in managing many technologies and work with many vendors to craft custom programs that include setting up and managing HRIS (Human Resource Information Services) solutions. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the following standards so you can have total confidence in our representation:

  1. We operate within core strengths and expertise and will inform you when partner solutions make sense.
    • If an existing referral fee or commission arrangement exists with that party, we will disclose it beforehand.
    • We will also recommend alternatives that involve providers where we do not have a referral fee or commission arrangement
  2. We will bill clients accurately, fairly, and with full detail to document all charges.
  3. In our recruiting efforts specifically, we recognize that we are representing our clients and will conduct ourselves accordingly:
    • We will work with all clients to define the job description, go-to-market text, and screening requirements for each candidate.
    • We will follow a rigorous, consistent process to market each opportunity for which we are asked to recruit.
    • We will not lie or misrepresent who we are, to gain access or favor to a potential candidate in an existing business.
    • We will honestly and accurately represent the client’s perspective with every candidate we interview.
    • We will treat every candidate with respect, follow up with everyone we interview and help them find employment elsewhere if they are not selected, are qualified, and if another position is available.
    • We will not actively recruit candidates from any of our existing clients.
    • We will adhere to the letter and spirit of all laws that prohibit discrimination and encourage equal opportunity.

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Why clients choose Vantage Point to solve complex HR problems

HR Complexities

When any of the 100+ federal, state, local, and administrative requirements that apply to your business are combined with unpredictable people issues, missteps can lead to an explosion of workplace drama, followed by legal and financial consequences.

Lack of Knowledge

Don’t fall prey to a false sense of security. Phoning a friend, searching online, or memorizing legal facts is simply not enough. Your organization is unique. Knowing what practices to apply requires experience and knowledge. We can help make short work of this effort and keep you compliant.

Unpleasant Surprises

It’s all OK until it’s not. While you haven’t experienced any problems, and everyone gets along, it’s not a matter of “if” something happens, but “when” it happens. Client, vendor, and employee relations can get messy. Get ahead of the problems before they arise.

Buying or Selling a business

A prospective buyer of a business will be interested in how well the business performs financially, and the potential risks to the organization. Considering employees are your greatest asset, and largest potential liability, make certain your business is operating with impeccable policies, practices and procedures. Current operational guidelines can ensure a smooth transition for both employees and the new employer and demonstrate the value of your organization.

When you are selling, excellence in HR can place your miles ahead of your competition. Transparency can expedite a business sale too by giving financial institutions the confidence to extend loans. This effort can help you realize a higher profit for the sale of the business too! Book a Strategy Session today and find out how!