We all utilize outside service suppliers to keep our businesses running – from insurance, to repairs, legal and tax support.  Too often we simply pay the bill year after year, try to manage things internally, or tolerate adequate, but not outstanding service from our vendors.

If this sounds familiar, this is where you’re leaking money!

As a stand-alone service or part of an overall workforce plan, Vantage Point can review the basic elements of your operations, explore alternatives and determine if you’re getting the right resources at the right price.

You might have an opportunity to free up significant resources, save significant expense, expand the services you receive or all three.  Our team has saved our client organizations over $1.55M in both direct costs and costs avoided.

A sample of the service items and outsourced alternatives we can review are:

  • Insurance
  • Fuel/Energy Consumption, Telecommunications
  • Accounting Services, including CPA, CFO and tax strategies
  • Payroll and timecard management
  • Legal
  • Human Resources, Unemployment Claims and Leave of Absence Management
  • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
  • Merchant Services
  • Travel Services

Flat rate pricing of $499 per company for most projects.