Here’s the dilemma: what worked before isn’t working now. You’re tired of chasing the next job posting site you see online or hear on the radio, or constantly rewriting your job ad so it’s more interesting – hoping one of those does the trick. You have nothing to show for the time and ad money you’ve spent so far.

Then there’s dealing with a staffing agency that sends you bodies like they have no idea what you actually do. Then taking a chance on one person, only to have them leave in the first 6 months.

You’re drained, frustrated and out of ideas. You want permanent recruitment solutions so you don’t have to go through this headache again.

This is where many businesses get stuck. The old ways of doing things aren’t getting you the results like they did before.

There’s Another Option.  A Recruiting Roadmap can provide you a structured way of identifying your sources of talent in a realistic way that cuts through the confusion. Peace of mind, reduced stress, dollars saved, clarity and confidence are just some of the potential benefits.

A long road stretches off into the distance, climbing over hills and cutting through a forest.

Program Structure

  • Approximately 4-6 hours of your time total
  • Delivery through combination of in-person and online calls.
  • Client and consultant homework assignments.

Program Outcome

  • A customized template and action steps for your company that explores and prioritizes your talent options through:  training, traditional recruiting, and outside service providers.
  • After completing the program, a one (1) hour follow up call will be scheduled 2-4 weeks after the completion of the course for questions and brainstorming.

Cost:  Flat rate pricing of $699 per company for most projects

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