If you search for “leadership” on Amazon, you’ll get over 227K titles of books that you get to sort through in a fun exercise.

Vantage Point offers a more practical option with the “Leadership Layline” program for businesses and non-profits. Our goal is to help leadership get a handle on their organizational challenges by sorting them with a fresh perspective – so they can see a powerful path forward  – on their terms.

Throughout our work with organizations, we see challenges and opportunities, in these broad areas:

  • Clarity – a lack of goals, methods of achieving and measuring progress.
  • Accountability – uncertainty over who’s in charge and how performance is measured.
  • Values – a lack of common, guiding standards, directing the company’s actions.
  • Clear Lines of Communication – the team isn’t sure of how they’re doing, where the company is going or their role in that effort.

Why might this program be a good fit for you… If any of these sound familiar:

  • You set goals and deadlines for your team and they woosh on by.
  • You spend too much time refereeing disagreements between employees.
  • Very little of substance gets done without your direct involvement.
  • You’re afraid to step away for a few days, because the staff will spiral.
  • Most of the time, when you hire a new employee, they don’t stay beyond six months.
  • You don’t have confidence or are uncertain in managing.

What’s Our Process?

Our very first step is to sit down with you in a one hour discovery session – to better understand your concerns about the current state of things, and determine if we’re able to help you. Beyond that our key objective will be to define your desired outcome.

If we do think we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll chart out a plan that helps us to better understand the current state, and possible ways we can approach the issues. This can be very specific or very broad – but also very personal. Organizational challenges often don’t lend themselves to easy answers, and can hit close to home.  If you’re ready to step into potentially sensitive issues, we can help you.