The Problem

As employment laws become more complex and even reference each other, some organizations are being left behind and vulnerable with a knowledge gap.  You know your business.  You like the employees, people and organization you’ve built.  But what if someone makes a mistake?  Do you even know what a mistake might look like that upsets your workplace or has you talking with someone’s lawyer?

The Solution

Not every misstep is going to end you up in court or talking to a government agency, but it would be nice to know what to look out for.  From basic HR training for management staff, and employees, to diversity and soon to be mandatory topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination and paid leave, Vantage Point HR has you covered.

Our Process

It takes about an hour, and during our discovery session we’ll listen to what’s on your mind, review any incidents or concerns and then chart a course that makes the most sense for you.  Good training isn’t about showing a video and checking a box.  It means providing the best, most relevant information to your teams, teaching them to apply it with confidence and protecting your business with better HR decisions.