HR Audit – the essential service that helps you evaluate where you are, and what could use improvement.

Thinking about HR isn’t much fun but it’s a necessary exercise – especially to keep your business or non-profit in compliance and out of costly trouble. You don’t need the distractions. If you’re not sure where to begin or what to do, the HR Audit has you covered.

The Challenges

HR is just too complex – When any of the 100+ Federal, state, local and administrative requirements that apply to your business are combined with unpredictable people issues, missteps can lead to an explosion of workplace drama, followed by legal and financial consequences.

Lack of Knowledge – Many people have a false sense of security – by phoning a friend to see what they’ve done, searching online or memorizing legal facts. Some will think they’re covered because of the employee handbook template they found – but don’t understand – leaving their organization vulnerable. Just like an online search can serve up many options, understanding your HR situation, what to apply and when, takes extensive experience and knowledge.

It’s All OK, Until It’s Not. It’s the idea that you’ve “never had a problem,” your team “gets along,” and if something did happen, you’d “sort things out.” That’s nice. While optimism is healthy, we’ve all had that unreasonable client, vendor or person demand something unfair. It’s not a matter of if something will happen, but when.

HR managers asking questions of a new hireThe Solution

Don’t waste time with other HR outsourcing firms, and don’t leave yourself exposed to costly HR liabilities. Our approach to HR is practical and will build your confidence that human resource obligations and liabilities are covered. It’s designed to learn about your industry, organization and unique business needs – by reviewing your current state and looking for areas of vulnerability that might cost you if ignored.

From there, we design a customized, strategic action plan that meets your needs and budget, schedule that plan, and implement it.

Our belief is that HR is 80% gray and 20% black and white. We work with business owners and non-profits to think through risk scenarios before they have to – making sure that they’re as prepared as they can be for the unexpected. We don’t preach – we educate each business from a position of respect, meeting them where they’re at – and providing them with one-time and ongoing HR support that allows them to focus on their business.