First off, I promise that what follows next doesn’t involve these three walking into a bar. If you know me well, you know I like to joke. However, after interviewing these recruits, these candidates created quite a sobering awareness and I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Instead, I’m introducing them to you to highlight a key theme that we see here repeatedly at Vantage Point: amazing people, with specific professional backgrounds, looking for a change.
The challenge is that for most Recruiting firms, these folks are defined by those career paths, and they can’t see the “amazing” standing in front of them. We don’t see the world that way, and think that any small business looking for quality people, would rest easy knowing these three are on the job.

The Deputy

My client disclosed to me the challenges he continually overcame in law enforcement and told me “Sometimes I have dreaded coming into work, but I never really had to worry about de-escalating a hostage situation and coordinating a SWAT team within minutes of arriving on a scene.”
As someone who hasn’t worked in that environment, it’s would be hard for us understand the calm, certainty and discipline it takes to operate successfully at that level.

Matthew is looking for a change out of law enforcement and I’m convinced about his value in the marketplace as an exceptional leader and trainer for any role that involves managing and maintaining relationships – be it customers, suppliers, or business partners.

We’re talking about a person who understands how to work with teams, and work to achieve a common goal. He has expert training in sorting through tense situations and helping people reach a resolution that helps everyone. What could this kind of talent do for your firm?

The Undertaker

Ron was referred to me by a networking contact and I was immediately intrigued: He’s been a Funeral Director for the last 20 years. Yup. I knew I had to learn more about this person.

So imagine an industry that is going through massive contraction and industry consolidation – as people turn away from elaborate internment and ceremonies, to simpler forms of after-death services such as cremation and green burials. That means fewer chapels, fancy coffins and elaborate monuments.
Imagine also running the operations of a small business and constantly looking for the next efficiency and cost-saving endeavor. From running payroll and books in house, to utilizing a staffing agency for attendants at ceremonies, Ron’s forte is not only dealing with people in highly sensitive situations, but he’s essentially trained himself to be a de-facto small business operations expert…a hands on guy.

If you need someone to take charge, look for the next opportunity and dig in to accomplish a goal, Ron is worth talking to.

The IT Guy

Patrick is a technology professional with deep skills in the intricacies of government IT systems. Just to give you an overview:

  • Nearly 20 years as a Systems Administrator
  • Nearly 20 years supporting and maintaining Microsoft Server and E-mail systems
  • Over 20 years designing engineering and supporting network architectures and security platforms.

And while I can go on about Patrick, what sets him apart is that he cares about results and the impact his work has on his customers. He’s big on accountability and teamwork. You feel like you can count on him, and that he’s going to keep digging until he comes up with the right solution for the long-term or fixes the problem you’re currently dealing with.

Between his practical approach to getting the job done, helping to train and lead others in a help-desk environment, and taking on larger strategic tasks, Patrick is the type of person you can count on – which is critical in these days of major news stories about ransomware and businesses not able to operate. While no one can guarantee zero issues with their IT, try getting something past Patrick on his watch.

Do you want to meet these or other amazing people? Call Vantage Point!